Friday, May 28, 2010


Click on 'The Voices' link above to hear some Public Service Announcement samples!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Production time!

I'm trying to produce as many PSA's here as possible and have got underway with trying out different ideas in terms of production. I have tried a few taglines that go at the end fo the PSA, the purpose of which is to be a capture on the whole series of PSA's. I'm still going for the right one, but have tried some such as 'Hospice can help you', or 'Hospice can help you too', after hearing how a patient has recieved help.

Another aspect of the PSA's is technical work. I have tried a few rough's with and without piano and acoustic guitar playing in the background, In the beginning it sounded a bit sad, which is not the message I am necessarily trying to convey. I have found a few samples that convey a nice relaxed and, in some cases, a positive atmosphere. I will continue in this last week to find fitting sound. Sound does seem to work well though in the pieces.